WSS League News

We hope all our members are looking after themselves, and their families and friends, at this difficult time. We, the admins of World SimSports, have jointly agreed to suspend our operation for now. This decision may come as a surprise to some of you, but engagement with our league has been dropping for some time, and that affects our motivation to continue. Added to this, we are all experiencing changes in our personal lives – family, job, new girlfriends 😉 etc. We have also discussed amongst ourselves before that there are too many leagues and it splinters the community. We would rather see big grids in fewer leagues than contribute to the problem.

We have been fortunate in recent times to have some backing from HM Engineering, which has helped, and we recommend you check out their products if you are looking for a sim rig. We also recommend you check NRT Game Servers if you every need a gaming server. Dave at NRT has been looking after us in various leagues for 6 years, and he has never let us down.

We will keep the website up for now, and feel free to drop in to Discord, where we will open a new channel for you to make suggestions of leagues for others to join.

See you on the track.

Mike, Chris, Mark and Dave